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That's Bellion Film Production work with clients from idea generation, all the way through to distribution.  We have a network of freelancers that we use to ensure that the right team is working on your project.  

Delivering your message to your audience

That's Bellion Film Production will work with you to find a way to deliver your messages
to your audience so that they are not only receptive to them, but also fully understand them.
Some clients know exactly what they want.  They are able to give a very distinctive and clear brief, which is of course useful and a great starting point.  Others are not certain of what they actually need.  They might know that a film or video would offer something different in a training environment, or would help  inform  individuals working at different locations more efficiently than bringing them all together in one place for a day.  
That's Bellion is here to help either way.  We are experienced in taking a basic idea and developing it with our clients to ensure the end product is exactly what is wanted and needed.  We write and rewrite the script until our clients are entirely satisfied.  We then set about building the correct balanced team of filmmakers to ensure the video or film that you wanted is what we produce.
How much will a ten minute film cost?
There  are many variables, but filmmaking is like any project with three  interdependent variables; time, budget, and scope.  You change one, and the other two will usually also change, and not always as you might expect., for instance a bigger budget might mean you could bring in a well known actor or director,  but it might also mean that the timescale you have to complete the film is altered to accomodate them.
We will work with you to ensure that we make the best film possible within the constraints of the variables; time, budget, and scope.
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Creativity is at the heart of our filmmaking

  • Based in Rochester, Kent, UK
  • We will work anywhere in the world
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  • Phone: 07428647683
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